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MRF T&S is a one stop shop for a unique tyre shopping experience. An experience that's fun and enjoyable for the whole family. T&S stocks the entire range of MRF tyres and is equipped to provide services of computerised nitrogen inflation, tubeless repair, wheel alignment, wheel balancing and tyre changing. It is an answer to the increasing number of world-class cars which are cruising on Indian roads.

Customers shop for tyres and wheel related services in air conditioned comfort. Each T&S facility has an exclusive corner where customers can unwind over a cup of hot coffee as they wait. The technicians at MRF T&S are trained at the MRF Tyredrome. Currently, there are 750 T&S franchises across the country and many more springing up each day.

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For the first time in India, world-class tyre and vehicle care services in Ahmadabad, Coimbatore and Faridabad. MRF TireTok is a unique retail concept from MRF Ltd, India’s largest tyre manufacturer. Offering the complete range of MRF tyres and tubes in a world class, customer friendly retail environment and an impressive range of services from robotic wheel alignment to A/C recovery and recharging, services that are tailored to make every drive a delight. MRF TireTok also caters to two-wheeler customers by providing wheel balancing and tyre changing.

Services Offered:

Robotic Wheel Aligner

Incorrect alignment of tyres can result in excessive or uneven tyre wear, compromising the handling of the vehicle. The Robotic Wheel Aligner, available for the first time in Asia, ensures precision wheel alignment

Vehicle Safety Test Lane

This is designed to test the front and rear axle geometry, efficiency of shock absorbers, tread depth and critical braking parameters for safety, comfort and reduced wear and tear.

Diagnostic Wheel Balancer

Designed to equalise the weight of the combined tyre and wheel assembly, the Diagnostic Wheel Balancer ensures a smooth and vibration-free drive.

Semi-automatic Tyre Changer(with helper arm)

Designed for low-profile tyres and Run Flat Tyres (RFT) on high-end cars, the  Tyre Changer with Helper Arm  ensures smooth and easy fitment and removal of  tyre from the rim.

A/C recovery and recharging unit

This process involves coolant recovery, recycling, cleaning of condenser lines, sealing test and oil injection, which ensures optimum cooling and lower fuel consumption.

Electronic headlight aligner

A digital device that identifies the ideal head lamp position and ensures maximum visibility while driving.

Nitrogen generator(membrane type)

Nitrogen inflation improves tyre performance, tyre mileage and fuel efficiency. The unique membrane technology ensures the Nitrogen used is well above the minimum limit of 95.5% purity.

Special two-wheeler tyre changer (with rim adaptors)

For the latest generation bikes, this state-of-the-art machine ensures wheels are perfectly fitted and balanced for a smooth, vibration free ride.

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Experience an International range of services at the MRF Tyredrome. From Robotic Wheel Alignment to Nitrogen filing, our services have been designed to make driving safer and more pleasurable. Professional ambience and friendly service enhance the experience.

Drive-in today for a world-class experience.

  • ROBOTIC WHEEL ALIGNMENT for precision alignment of wheels measured by autonomous robots.
  • VEHICLE SAFETY TEST LANE tests axle geometry, shock absorbers, braking and tread-depth.
  • DIAGNOSTIC WHEEL BALANCER solves vibration problems, improves wheel balancing and simulates road tests.
  • A/C RECOVERY & RECHARGING UNIT for recharging and performance testing of unit
  • Leverless tyre changer
  • Headlight aligner
  • Nitrogen generator membrane type
  • Automatic car wash
  • Tubeless Tyre repair
    • Latest Tubeless Repair tools with branded Tubeless repair consumables ensuring a permanent repair.
  • Specialized Two-Wheeler Tyre Changer with Rim Adaptors
    • Semi-automatic Two wheeler tyre changer suitable for fitment and removal of tyres of motorcycles and scooter.*
  • Special Wheel balancer for two wheelers.
    • Motorized wheel balancer for dynamic and static balancing of all types of motorcycle wheels.*

      *Service not available for carthedral road



MRF FASST is a new concept in tyre care from MRF, India’s largest tyre manufacturer. An exclusive air-conditioned customer care center for MRF PASSENGER CAR AND TWO WHEELER TYRE CUSTOMERS. Discuss your tyre related queries with our company trained personnel and get an immediate resolution of the problem. It’s a customer service just like our tyres. Smooth. Easy. Sure. You can also visit our MRF T&S outlets, MRF Exclusive showrooms and MRF Authorised dealerships for warranty claims.

Services offered

A window for you to reach out to MRF on all your tyre related queries. On the spot settlement of warranty claims

Additional services provided for claim tyres:
a. Removal and refitment of wheels
b. Mounting and de-mounting of tyres from the rims
c. Nitrogen inflation
d. Credit card facility available

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In an economy that is booming with a GDP growth rate of around 8% per annum, the need of the hour is organised and efficient transport systems. Developing economies such as India depend heavily on road transport. Such heavy reliance has led to a dearth of skilful and competent drivers who drive safely. In order to address this problem, MRF has instituted a non-profit organisation known as the MRF Institute of Driver Development (MIDD), which imparts training to unemployed young men in light and heavy commercial vehicle (LCV and HCV) driving. The objective of the institute is to produce proficient HCV drivers in the larger interest of the road transport industry. Over two decades, the institute has turned out over 2000 LCV and 700 HCV drivers since its humble beginnings in 1988.


Apart from its main objective of training drivers for HCVs, the institute, in the preliminary stage (the first 6 weeks) of the training process, provides training for LCVs as well. During this stage, the driver's aptitude for professional driving is ascertained. After this 6-week phase, the trainee spends one year 'on the field' driving Light Commercial Vehicles, before being admitted to the Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) phase, which extends for another term of 3 months.

Along with instilling in its trainees the spirit of hardship and strength of character, the institute also organises lessons for its trainees in several key issues like First Aid, prevention of drug abuse and alcoholism, AIDS awareness, etc. Special classes to learn Hindi are also conducted to enable the HCV trainees to take up driving on National Permit routes with ease.

The end product of one and a half years of dedicated and rigorous training: professional and efficient drivers who abide by the rules, facilitating the growth process of the nation.

Muscle Zone

 Muscle Zone

MRF MuscleZone is a unique, state of the art facility with high-end machines to serve commercial vehicles. It has exclusive offerings like Product-O-Drome and a product lounge where customers can learn about the tyres they buy and at the same time, access the entire range of commercial and passenger tyres.

World-Class Customer Service

With help of complete automation of transactions, you are assured of transparency at every step.

While your vehicle is getting serviced, you can relax at a luxurious, glass-enclosed lounge. This overlooks the service bay, giving you a full view of the processes being carried out.

If you have any doubts, our highly-trained staff will be happy to clear them for you. Also, you can access and know more about the complete range of MRF passenger and commercial tyres.

The helpdesk at MuscleZone
Access to entire range of MRF commercial vehicle tyres


At the MRF MuscleZone, we only use the best and latest imported machinery, to ensure class-leading service quality and results. Whether it is wheel balancing, alignment or replacement, the MRF MuscleZone is fully equipped to handle all your tyre care needs.

Automatic Wheel Balancing Equipment
Facilities for working on fully loaded vehicles
Nipple Greasing Equipment


This is a never-before-seen feature, available only at the MRF MuscleZone. Commercial vehicle tyres require a lot of care and attention to maintain, which is why we have created a specialised learning platform for you.

Complete with models and cutouts of all our commercial vehicle tyres, the Product-O-Drome is where you can learn everything there is to know about the tyres you buy.

Product lounge with all technical details
Models and cutouts to help know your tyres better
Learning area for customers

Find out an MRF MuscleZone in your state and city.

Here's a walkthrough of the first MRF MuscleZone franchise in Dasanpura, Bengaluru.